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The street sounds

I started out in life as the son of a soldier. I became a soldier. I left and studied psychology. Though the psychology was excruciatingly narrow it led to something more useful.
I learned some practical philosophical attitudes that have stayed with me for years. I set up ran and sold my own business. I am a salesman now: I walk in the door, I listen, I try to connect with the person, and then deliver what they ask for. I find it a very satisfying job.

I am now in my seventh year on lj. It is heartwarming to watch lives unfold, friendships evolve, and sad moments shared.

The street sounds to the soldiers' tread,
And out we troop to see:
A single redcoat turns his head,
He turns and looks at me.

My man, from sky to sky's so far,
We never crossed before;
Such leagues apart the world's ends are,
We're like to meet no more;

What thoughts at heart have you and I
We cannot stop to tell;
But dead or living, drunk or dry,
Soldier, I wish you well.